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I got a great idea, let's call our cars what the manufacture called them.
I've have a 61 Lakewood Station Wagon, I've owned many 63 Club Coupes and
Sedans. I have a 65 coupe that is also a hard top.  I sold my 66 Sports
Sedan before I moved from CO and it was also a hard top.  Chevy called my 63
Greenbrier a station wagon.  I like minivan better, but I'm OK with either
or both.


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And (for an example) let's allow all surgeons to call their own tools
whatever they individually want. I can just see your surgeon now, saying to
his scrub nurse (as he's cutting into you): "Quick, hand me a number 372
widget? What? You don't know what a 372 widget is? You idiot! Your
stupidity just killed the patient."


P.S. Shaun, hope this makes you aware of WHY it's necessary to use standard
terminology. The above is an example of a "Shaunism" (everyone on a
different page and unable to understand one another.)

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