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bjornyesterday bjornyesterday at yahoo.com
Wed May 6 12:29:26 EDT 2009

Greetings List Members,
I recall an article in Mechanix Illustrated Magazine sometime in the 1950s about using a Renault front suspension, a home-made rear suspension, a motorcycle engine, and wood for the frame, to make a sports car.  The body was made from narrow wood strips attached to plywood bulkheads, and the construction was patterned after boat construction.
I have a '61 Monza coupe to use as a donor, and was wondering if the Corvair front suspension and the rear suspension and engine could be used in a similar project.  I know that the Corvair parts are much heavier than the Renault and motorcycle parts.
Has anyone on this list had any experience with using wood for frame construction and body covering.  Any and all information, advice, warnings, admonitions, etc will be appreciated.
Andy Anderson

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