<VV> 1966 Corvair Wagon

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Look thru the windshield at the right rear "C" pillar. Definately a convert
quarter window and roof. And BTW, it's already made the rounds before.

On the other hand, I'm working on a LM 4door wagon. Have several
photoshopped pics of said beast, also a line drawing that I did of the
profile. To my knowledge, nobody's done a 4door wagon, though somebody in
the early '80's did a 2door  with a grafted-on Hornet Sportabout
greenhouse. Sorry, but it didn't really look that great - certainly the
4door (photoshop) version is THE way to go!


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> Sorry, but this pic looks photoshopped. If you look at the front header
> the windshield, you can see a convertible-type seam.
> and then look through the windshield, which reveals the right inner
> of the convertible top. Someone has taken a photo of a
> Nomad and put it on a Corvair, with a lot of fuzzy blend work.
> Mel
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