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frank walker knarfwalker at gmail.com
Thu May 7 12:26:10 EDT 2009

before i go out and buy a set of tires I have a few questions.
i am planning on using the 16 inch 3rd generation camero rims with
P205/55R16 on the front and P225/50R16 in the rear.

here are the questions:

1. since the front and rear rims have different offsets sould i keep them
front as marked front and rear or reverse them by putting the rears on the
front and fronts on the rears? what have others done?

2. do i need to roll the lip on the front for clearance? I would rather
avoid this if possible.

3. i want to put the camero metric studs in my hubs and use the camero nuts
what size do i need to drill the holes for the studs? nobody i talked to
could give me the answer.

I have read all the stuff i could find about tires that would fit my 66
including http://autoxer.skiblack.com/tires.html.
i would like to get more opinions. or maybe other ideas.

the last thing i want to do is buy the tires only to find they wont fit.

the car is almost ready to be put back on the road, the drive train is going
in this weekend.

- frank
66 convertible
turbocharged, intercooled and fuel injected

Beware of Dragons for ye are crunchy
      and taste good with ketchup

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