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That's why it makes a great business coupe. The 4door is more aimed at
hauling people than packages.


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> From: Alan and Clare Wesson <alan.wesson at atlas.co.uk>
> Subject: Re: <VV> coupe use, was:  body styles
> > Certainly, you don't have as easy an access to the rear area
> > as you do a 4door, even if you'd want to sit someone there.
> As a sometime owner of both, I find that I can actually get bigger things
> the back seat of the coupe, because the doors are longer, and with the
> forward and the windows down I can get pretty big things in (this matters 
> because I have to take enormous footlockers to the airport every time I
> home from Hershey). I can get a large K-Mart footlocker on the back seat
> the coupe more easily than on the one in the sedan, because the sedan's
> doors don't open far enough and the aperture isn't big enough.
> Cheers
> Alan

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