<VV> Damaged Cam Gear

David O'Neal dnoneal at bellsouth.net
Thu May 7 18:02:56 EDT 2009

Thanks for the reply.  The engine still runs and will move the car - but
I have not run it more than a few seconds because of the terrible noise.
Is there something that can come loose and drop into the cam gears?  I
would really like to know the cause before I start taking it apart.
David O'Neal
65 coupe 110 pg.
The engine started to make a bad knock and grinding noise although it
was running fine.  I immediately thought it was the harmonic balancer -
another one of those items on my list to replace.  The HB did not
visibly fail but it looked to be slightly crooked when I turned the
engine over.  Got a rebuilt HB (and a new motor mount because the
original came out in 2 pieces.)  This did not fix the noise - I
suspected it wouldn't.  The noise seemed to be down low and towards the
diff end of the motor.
Next I opened up one valve cover and didn't find anything.  Then I
pulled the oil pan and found damage to the cam gear.  There are 3 pieces
broken out of the gear - about half of one cog each place about evenly
spaced around the gear.  The breaks in the gear look fresh. Could a
failed HB damage the cam gears or thrust washer, etc. on the other end
of the motor?  Maybe sling something loose inside the bellhousing and
fall down into the cam gears?

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