<VV> 1966 Corvair Wagon

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 7 17:43:04 EDT 2009

Good work. Also a part of the rear plastic window shows in the same place.

From: Mel Francis <mfrancis at wi.rr.com>
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Cc: Gramps <wizardhal at gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 7, 2009 10:16:50 AM
Subject: Re: <VV> 1966 Corvair Wagon

Sorry, but this pic looks photoshopped. If you look at the front header over 
the windshield, you can see a convertible-type seam.
and then look through the windshield, which reveals the right inner quarter 
of the convertible top. Someone has taken a photo of a
Nomad and put it on a Corvair, with a lot of fuzzy blend work.


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