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I'm guilty of causing global warming.  I learned that a couple of 12 oz cans
of R12 with a nozzle installed and turned upside down could cool a 6 pack of
Coors from whatever temperature it was under the seat of my Corvair in the
middle of the summer in Sacramento to drinking temperature in a few minutes.

This was when I was 16 to 18 and it was perfectly legal for me to possess
the R12 and I had cans rolling around on the floor in front of the back seat
of my 63 Club Coupe.  The beer wasn't quite as legal and it was stashed
under the rear seat.  

Now that I'm 55, the opposite is true!  I no longer "Cocktail Cruse" as my
girlfriend's brother used to call it.


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I sold my parts business in 1998 so the rules on freon may have changed. I
would be very carefull to either buy or sell freon12 . When I was in
business it was against the law to either buy or sell freon 12 unless you
were a certified user. We kept all freon12 behind the counter and were not
allowed to sell to anyone except those certified users. Carefull records
were kept on all purchases and sales. I doubt that it could be shipped by
any carrier.
Bill Pierson

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