<VV> Heater hose success

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Fri May 8 17:51:27 EDT 2009

Today I finally got the hose attached.  After many suggestions from VV
members I did the following:
1.	Took a Crescent wrench, set the opening about .04, and went
around the heater tube and bent the tube inward to make a lead angle.
2.	Got a bottle of old car wax and put some on my finger tips and
lubricated the metal tube.
3.	Slid the heater hose up my arm and then used my fingers to guide
the hose onto the metal tube.
4.	Extracted my arm and compressed the hose to coil bind and shoved
it on the tube.
5.	I was able to reach thru the RH side with a screwdriver and
tighten the clamp.
The next problem was trying to get the hose thru the metal loop that
keeps it away from the starter.  This wasn't easy as the loop is too
small and the hose doesn't slide thru it very well.  I screwed with that
for far too long and finally gave up after about 8" and added my
extension piece to the hose and connected it to the engine.
So I guess it is done, we'll see if it works later.  Thanks for all the
Clark Hartzel

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