<VV> What colour - LM fresh air knobs?

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Thanks for your very informative follow up to the original question.

I suspect that you are at least partially right - that black ones (or any 
color for that matter) may have been painted at times in order to keep the 
production line moving.  But, I also suspect that there were differences in 
how various factories did the knobs.  Some - W for example - may have had a 
better supply of colored plastic (opposed to painted) than other locations. 
Just ask the Canadians about the differences in Canadian VS US built Vairs - 
of the same model year.

I doubt there is a truly definitive way to answer the question 45 years 
after the fact.

Later, JR

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> Hi everyone,
> I expect that Chevrolet may have in some cases painted some of these knobs 
> if for some reason stocks of the correct colour knob were not available at 
> the time the car was going down the assembly line, but I now believe that 
> officially GM - Chevrolet never painted these vent knobs and that plastic 
> was coloured to match each individual interior colour.
> Regards

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