<VV> difference between a sedan and a coupe (shorter)

P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Sat May 9 14:08:52 EDT 2009

     You wrote, in part:
>> Measurements of a coupe and a sedan are as follows:
>> .         Coupe equals less than 33 cubic feet (.934 cubic m).
>> .         Sedan is equal to or greater than 33 cubic feet.
> Which begs the question: How many cubic feet are in a Corvair two  
> door and four door?
> Stephen U

I asked the same question about a week ago and received no satisfactory answer, just a bunch of wisecracks, but no wisdom.  It would appear that nobody really knows what the interior volume of a Corvair is.  If anyone does know, he's unwilling to share it with the rest of us.
Phil Raker
'65 Corsa Cpe - 140/4
'63 Greenbrier - 110/4


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