<VV> [FC] Tail light conversion

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Thu May 14 05:28:05 EDT 2009

i finally came up with a easy doable tail light conversion that shows  up 
very good  .  i just drove my rampy with it's new motor  yesterday for the 
first trip. it seems ok , so now on with better exhaust  hangers and details. 
it has modified heads , the OT10 cam , and a few other  slight mods.
i will try to put together my pictures of the fairly simple bright tail  
lights soon. save your junk housings and lenses.!  i made it on the  lens , 
with a pigtail to plug in the socket , so no damage to housing.in fact  the 
lens could be returned to stock also.
lots more soon. watch the cny corvair website.
 very busy here. CNY RECALL COMING SOON.
regards, tim colson
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