<VV> "Worthless" 2doors

Dave Keillor dkeillor at tconcepts.com
Thu May 14 15:17:30 EDT 2009

I agree Alan, but you have to realize that the Corvair Center forum is
inhabited by a number of vocal "frugals".  If a Corvair costs more than
$1,000, to them it's overpriced. 

I don't need another Corvair right now, but if it were closer, it would
probably be in my garage (I'm still tempted).  The car appears to be a
genuine "survivor" and these are the hot ticket right now.

Dave Keillor
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I am really staggered by the discussion that is going on on that forum.
couldn't paint a car nowadays for $2400 if you wanted to do a proper

So whether or not it happens to be a desirable variant, it is worth
And the fact that it looks to be a nice, solid, unrestored car that
seem to need paint makes it really nice, and a real bargain. And as for
fact that it is black/black - that can look absolutely fantastic (cf.
if done well and polished up nicely. And Clark's do sell interior kits,
if you want to change the interior colour, it's not a big deal (although

it's not economic either - but if the car is a solid basis it is worth

And yet everyone is just telling him what a piece of crap and a rip-off

Anyone who has restored a 4-door car would have been better buying this
instead. In fact I would myself, if I had the money.



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