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I was  able to get my '69 conv 110/4 up to about 85 near the end of the 
straight at  Lime Rock years ago. It had a bit more in it, but that turn at the 
end  requires brakes to survive. I was out for funnnn!!

I  think well tuned ones were at 100 before required brakes and skill.  

heh heh,  for sheer scientific interest, of course ... heh heh ..  LEGAL IS 


Many years ago, when I was young and stupid, I took my '66 Monza 110 out on 
 the US84 west of Waco, TX (way out of town!!)  I got it up to an indicated 
 105 before I ran out of courage (it took a long time to get above 90.) I 
had,  only a few weeks before, had my speedometer  calibrated and it was 
within  1% of accurate.
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