<VV> Electric fuel pump relay

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Look around the fog/blind-the-other-driver-lights section.  You will need a
four terminal as the oil pressure switch will be grounding the coil.  I'm
talking off the top of the head.  I'm and electronics tech by training and I
can visualize the circuit.  Look in the Tech Guide for a schematic.  


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I want to know if anyone can recommend a relay to use for the  
connection of my electric fuel pump to harness connection to battery  
that can be purchased from NAPA, PEP Boys, Auto Zone, or O'Reilly's  
(my local FLAPS).  I would guess that would be a three prong relay.   
I understand that it is advisable to run the positive wire on the  
pump to the relay, the relay to the harness (20 b/y) and then to the  
battery.  Unfortunately, when you try to explain this to the local  
FLAPS employees they say "What is the make and model of the  
car?" ...  It is practically the only way they can access their  
inventories.  It is a NAPA Posi-Flo pump 12v pump.  It recommends,  
and I have installed, a 3-5 amp {used 4} fuse in the positive wire.   
Remember, I will probably need a part number as that is how they work.

Nearing the end of the wiring harnesses odyssey.

Stephen U

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