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Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
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??State of Calif.! ? ? ? He had a 64 Valiant with 225... and called me out. ?Cost him $500 ?to find out that my Covair was faster in a drag, ?higher top end than his, and that it would go 105 or better...

Only mods were ?Correct jetting for that altitude, ?Va disconnected and "power timed" by ear. ?AND.... Air Cleaner crossover was raised 3", ?ala ?Desert air pack.

When I added a D&M-1 [ prototype] with 2-1/2 muffler, speed went to 117. ?same road... ?His Valiant with the Offy ?4 bbl ?never broke 100!

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon

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Who calibrated the radar gun??

Later, JR?

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> ??My 69 ? #5990 ?110 /4 /3.27's/ 48k ?original miles with ?175/80/13's was 
> Radar clocked at 114 mph at ? 5000 ft elevation ?on a cool night.?



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