<VV> Anniversary of last Corvair produced

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Thu May 14 22:19:27 EDT 2009

Members of the Detroit Area Corvair Club took their cars out to the
Ypsilanti plant today, where they were built, and at 1PM when the last
car came off the line 40 years ago we took a bunch of pictures of our
cars in front of the round glass lobby area.  We will send the pictures
to Mike McGowan and see if any are suitable for the Communique.  We had
a 1960, a 1969, a Greenbrier, an Ultravan, a few late models and a few
1964 cars there for a good variety.
After the photo shoot we adjourned to the Sidetrack Bar next to the
museum and had lunch.
A bunch of us are heading down to Fort Wayne, IN tomorrow for the Mad
Anthony Club event on Saturday.
Clark Hartzel

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