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Well, obviously, his education was NOT in science or engineering.  If it had been, he would realize that this type of A/C unit is designed to RECIRCULATE air in an enclosure (whether room or car) and gradually cool it down to a set temp.  Instead he has set it up to constantly take FRESH OUTSIDE hot and humid air and try to cool and de-humidify it in ONE pass through the A/C evaporator coil.  If he's using it in Houston in the summer, the only time it will work to even a small level of cooling is about 3 hours after MIDNIGHT.
In addition, he must have a BIG capacity inverter to change the 12 volt DC battery voltage to 120 volts AC that the A/C unit requires to operate.  Let's see, a typical 7 amp A/C rating translates into probably around 80 to 90 amps DC (allowing for inefficiencies) which is a BIG drain on the car's electrical system.

This kid seems well suited for a position on Obama's team!!

Frank (likes A/C) Burkhard  

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Amazing that he would have his picture with that modification...like he's proud of it. I bet his parents are proud of him and questioning the money spent on his education. 

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 Grad student & Texas heat :) 


 Tony Irani 

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