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Like wimmin, you are better  off just accepting a YH "carburetor " for what 
it can do; don't try for  perfection (g) ...  and like wimmin, they are 
when  they  are running wide open, working hard ... when you give them time 
to slow  down and "idle  around"  they get very erratic and weepy  ...

10-4 on those leaky diaphrams  ....  buy them by the pack  and keep the 
to install a fresh one real handy in your travels ...  in the same road 
as your Jitterbug phone,  flame flares, space  blanket, short barreled 12 
gauge, etc. etc.

I did install a ( Grose  ? Jet ) double ball type float valve set in my 66 
and that seemed to be an  improvement in that area.

The YH is kinda disappointing, it is SO close  to being a pretty good 

just some trivia.. ken campbell,  deltaguy 

Why not use an SU or Zenith carb?  they have lots of experience with  small 
Scotty from Hollyweird
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