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One more thing is a bad connection somewhere.  I just replaced a starter that did absolutely nothing when the key was turned.  A replacement starter worked great when installed.   Not sure about the old one now as it kicked over when jumped with cables unless it was one of the other things listed.  Ken


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5. Worn out brushes


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Starter issues for the Corvair usually are four possible problems. There are

others, but these four are the biggies.
1. Pitted copper disc in the solinoid. This is the 'switch' for the current 
to the motor. Gets pitted and all you get is a 'click'. Repeated attempts to

start wil 'usually' find a spot that makes decent contact to crank the 

2. Bad Bendix. This is the starter drive assy. Usually you just get a 
'whrrrr' noise as the motor turns, but doesn't engage. Further attempts to 
start 'may' find a sweet spot and crank.

3.Bad/broken spot welds on the torque converter or pressure plate. Usually 
breaks the nose off the starter.

4. Bad pressure plate rivets. Same deal; breaking starter noses.

Harry Yarnell
Perryman garage and orphanage
Perryman, MD
hyarnell1 at earthlink.net

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