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Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Thu May 21 23:26:46 EDT 2009

Thank you!

For those that don't know, Smitty runs two YHs on a Corvair engine. No, 
one is not an in place spare! ggg

Frank DuVal

64 Spyder with YH

Smitty Smith wrote:

>To say the YH carb is a POS or that it can't be made to work right is defeatest and misleading at the least.  Sure there are several better carbs.  Get a yh right and it will allow your low compression turbo to idle with the best 95 twin carb for a half hr at a stretch without loading up.  Open the throttle and it will pass a surprising amouut of controled fuel air mixture for the size of its venturi.  Educated tinkering with its metering rods can give a smooth flow of power from idle to over 5000 rpm with no problem.  The fact that it limits ultimate engine output was planned by the engineers to save the engine from destruction by the owner.  The 150 carb is more conservative than the bigger 180 of course.  Even a high output turbo can't pull enough air through a 180 carb to make a beast out of the engine.  Good performance is about all you can hope for, with emphisis on "good", not exceptional. 
>I am defensive about the Generals economical choice of a carb for the turbo.  It does a good job for what he spent for it.  If you say it is a POS then you better come armed with some facts.  I mean other than you aren't mechanic enough to make it work as designed.    Smitty

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