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rbuckridge at comcast.net rbuckridge at comcast.net
Fri May 22 01:22:16 EDT 2009

I recently listed some late model bumpers on eBay. I had four bumpers that it was either scrap them or sell them on eBay. I chose to offer them for $9.99 on eBay, as I thought for a street car these would be fine or at least good candidates for rechroming. I have two left that are on eBay now. 

"The high bidder will have their choice of ONE BUMPER. One bumper has the mounting brackets attached while the other bumper has NO BRACKETS. Winning bidder will have their choice of EITHER bumper." 

"Pictured below are the extra bumpers that I have, I don't need these. Your average used Corvair front bumper, so they all have some minor dings and or scratches and old thin chrome. But if yours doesn't look as good as these, consider using one of these." 

"I'm not going to save these as I do not need them. If they don't sell it's off to the recycler as I need the space in my garage." 

"You may also consider these as great cores for rechroming. The core value, from a leading Corvair supply house is over $80.00 for the bumper and the mounting brackets. These are complete with all brackets and hardware except none have the center bumper bracket." 

If anyone is bidding on them, read the ad and look at the photos. These are USED, NOT SHOW . 

So why post this on VV? One buyer was unhappy with his bumper. He didn't buy insurance for his item and it may have been damaged in shipping. I think from here on I will mandate shipping insurance on items that exceed a certain value. At least this way the buyer will have some recourse. 

I feel real bad that all this happened and the buyer was not satisfied. After all he is a Corvair guy and may or may not be on this list. I'm not trying to get rich, I'm just looking for a way to get rid of extra Corvair parts. 


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