<VV> Rear Motor Mount Replacement

eamsquared at comcast.net eamsquared at comcast.net
Fri May 22 07:37:18 EDT 2009

I need to replace my rear engine mount and would appreciate some advise on the engine support location for this repair.  I am reluctant to support the engine by the oil pan with a block of wood for fear of damaging the oil pan and/or lower cooling shrouds.  Does anyone have any experience with supporting the rear of the engine with a block of wood and a floor jack under the metal plate assembly that is sandwiched between the rear engine housing and rear engine mounting bracket?  This plate is GM PN 3880558 and Item No. 0.027 in the Engine Group of GM Parts Catalog that Clark's sells. 

Erich Meyer 
Brick, NJ 
66 110 PG Monza 

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