<VV> Drive your vair

Cliff cliff at tibweb.com
Sat May 23 22:57:50 EDT 2009

It's probably not the biggest cruise-in that you will ever see, but it does
pull in more than 1000 cars at a time.  This doesn't include the cars that
fill the spectator areas.  I registered my car today and I am number 12141.
That means that over 12 thousand cars have attended this cruise in since it
began.  That is pretty amazing when you consider the size of this sleepy
little town.  It is about a two hour drive from Lexington and it was a
blast.  What a great day to be out and in the Corvair.  

The first link is for the Cruise-In and the second shows our cars.


Cliff Tibbitts
Lexington, KY

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