<VV> Setting the timing on a '65 110

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 25 15:54:46 EDT 2009

I'm getting ready to tighten the carbs down and set the idle.  I have  
a 110 with A/C that is not connected and no compressor in the near  
future.  I have Clarks premium cast pistons and chrome rings, .030  
base gaskets, and Pertronix ignition.   In the Basics book, it says  
to set the timing for 24 degrees BTDC on the 64-67 110 with A/C and  
14 degrees BTDC on 110's without A/C.   I don't know which would be  
the better degree setting.  I do know that the timing mark on the  
engine only goes to 16 degrees BTDC.  This will not be an issue as I  
do have a timing light that is adjustable for advancing and retarding  
the timing with the mark at TDC.

So what shall it be 24 or 14??  Igniting minds want to know.


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