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Tue May 26 02:28:50 EDT 2009

  "...An engine tuner once told us that 90 percent of all drivability 
  problems could be traced to vacuum leaks. If your street motor 
  is suffering from part-throttle hiccups or the lean-surge blues, 
  take a few minutes to search for a vacuum leak, first make 
  sure all the carb and intake-manifold bolts are tight. 

  Also make sure all the vacuum outlets on the engine are closed off 
  and that all vacuum lines are intact. It's common to discover a rubber 
  vacuum plug is missing or cracked. If everything is secure, start 
  the engine, warm it up, and shoot short squirts of WD-40 around 
  the intake and the carb and listen for a change in idle speed. 

  If you locate an area where the engine speed increases when you hit it 
  with WD-40, then you've found a vacuum leak. The engine speed
  increases because the leak pulls the WD-40 into the engine and 
  burns it, temporarily increasing engine speed. This can make a 
  mess that will have to be cleaned, but it works to locate 
  hard-to-find vacuum leaks..."



  Tony Irani

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