<VV> Front End Wobble

KMFEAR at aol.com KMFEAR at aol.com
Thu May 28 15:36:37 EDT 2009

I know this been covered before but I don't remember the outcome. I  have 
only noticed this on convertibles. I had a 64 Spyder that was a nut &  bolt 
restoration. Now I have a 66 Corsa Convertible. Between 34-39 MPH I get a  
solid wobble out of the front end. It feels like a bent wheel hit 40mph and 
its  gone. I pulled all 4 wheels re-balanced and put the rear on front and 
vice  versa, still there? 18lbs front 28lbs rear. I have running theory (guess) 
that  maybe this has to do with radial tires at low pressure, 18lbs. Whats 
your  experience?
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