<VV> turbocharger cooling

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat May 30 18:45:15 EDT 2009

At 01:34 AM 5/28/2009, Frank DuVal wrote:
>I want to know why you have needed three thermistors.
>Early (Spyders) turbos always seem to run hot on the gage. 500 here in
>the summer is common with high speed driving on the interstate. 475 for
>moderate interstate drivers... Early in my ownership I pegged the gage.

No matter what I did, I never pegged the temp gauge in either turbo 
car.   I got fairly close once... but just once.  More on that in 4 seconds.

>Then I hooked up the buzzer properly! ggg

That buzzer is a death knell.

The only time I ever had the buzzer come on was right after I did 
that kinda stupid not to mention close to dangerous and rather 
illegal thing on I-81 that particular evening during an argument I 
had with a Corvette (admitted, a smogger EPA-strangled model year 
Corvette before GM whipped the emissions problems).   He was showing 
his ass acting like even though he was driving one of those bling'ed 
out Pace-Car model 'Vettes with more smog gear than engine, he was 
still going to blow me into the weeds and I decided he was gonna have 
to prove it.   And, he did not.  But even though he did not, I still 
had to flog the 'Vair hard to do it and it cost me an engine that 
took almost 6 weeks' worth of work and parts scrounging to fix.

>In 20 years of driving my Spyder, I never thought to idle before
>shutdown. The turbo never needed attention. I guess I'm lucky. That will

Most people don't run them to ultra temps and immediately shut 
off.    There's a few minutes of lag time between that last full 
throttle blast and pulling into the driveway unless you're running 
from the cops, which sometimes isn't all that unlikely if you hang 
around the crowd with whom I've been known to associate.

Of course, *I* never did anything like that...  just suppositioning 
here... not that I would ever do anything like that 
myself...  really, I wouldn't...  not usually.

But I never pegged a temp gauge, not even on that death run although 
it did climb all the way to the last tick mark.

The only positive point about that entire experience was that through 
the gears all the 'Vette pilot saw of me was tail lights although he 
certainly made himself evident by those damned loud sidepipes that 
made so much roar I heard *him* over my own engine.

To this day I still wonder if his blond hair-in-the-wind girlfriend 
ever asked him if he wasn't supposed to have outrun that funny 
looking little car ahead of him.    Still, if I'd had it to do over 
I'd have let him pass and saved myself a lot of work fixing my 
tweaked up RL engine I thought so highly of.


Back to the regularly scheduled arguing.


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