<VV> Idle Tricks

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Sun May 31 23:31:37 EDT 2009

That's where I learned it also.  I had a pg in 68 & 69 and the next one we
got was Debbie's Lakewood which we bought and put in the barn.  It's now in
a storage unit here in Woodland.  I don't remember if it should be in drive
or park, but I do remember follow the manual, and make sure you have the air
cleaner on.


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Hmmmm.  been a long while since I had a PG Corvair....   My vague 
recollection is - air cleaner on - parking brake on - car in D gear.  Why? 
'cause lclc said so (at least I think that is where the info came from). 
Hope I'm right.

Later, JR
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> With a  PG car, make your idle carb adjustments with the air cleaner  on.
> dp
> Excuse me for asking, but why wouldn't you do the same for a manual
> transmission car too? What is special about a PG car?
> Regards,
> Bob Helt

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