<VV> 66' 4 speed/diff fluid fill level question

Ray Rodriguez III grymm at echoes.net
Thu Oct 1 02:15:41 EDT 2009

Just got the engine (mostly) back into the 66' Corsa.

Since I had a leaky snout seal I had to top off the gear oil level(s?)...  There is no dipstick... so I pulled the plug on the passenger side of the 66 4-speed and filled till it started coming out the hole.... when it about stopped running out I plugged it.

Wasnt sure if the diff oil was separate..  found a plug on the driver side of the diff just behind the axle... pulled that plug and oil started pouring out like niagra falls...  put the plug back in REAL fast and came up to ask you guys what gives......    How could it be that overfilled after a leak....   are these plugs (or at least the one on the diff) not at the fill level?  I checked the archives and it seems late models dont have drain plugs so I assume I'm doing it right but want to make sure my levels are correct.  (the drivetrain is level).


P.S.-  with the car in gear and the wheels off the ground, when I spin one wheel the other doesn't turn.... this indicates an "open" differential correct?  What I remember is if the wheels turn the same way its a posi, but I recall them rotating opposite ways when open, rather than the other not moving at all so wanted to ask.

Ray Rodriguez III
CORSA member
66' Corsa 140/4 coupe
65' Corsa 140/4 coupe (under construction)

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