<VV> Isn't it a great car, our Corvair?

Arend Huisman arendhuismus at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 1 04:23:18 EDT 2009

Hi Guys,


A friend bought a new project-car which I discovered in Amsterdam. It's a
'64 Corvair coupe and it stood outside for about 9 years, untouched. The guy
who sold it told us that the engine had been rebuilt 12 years ago in Idaho,
before he brought it to Europe, and he has driven it very seldom until it
stalled shortly after the shipping.

The car is quite rusty due to the moist weather we have here in the
Netherlands. I picked it up and transported it to the house of my friend and
as he is a car-mechanic he wanted to fire it up immediately, he used a new
battery, fresh oil and gas and fuzzled around with the ignition for about 15
minutes.. And it ran! And it ran great.


Isn't it a great car, our Corvair!


He will be starting to restore it very soon, I'll keep you informed.


Arend Huisman, '64 vert and with a new stepchild, a '64 coupe (with '62



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