<VV> Corvairs in Corvette Museum

tim mahler flat6vair at comcast.net
Thu Oct 1 21:52:16 EDT 2009

Thanks Bill and all the other Corvair owners who have lent their Corvairs to 
this exhibit.

Thanks Greg for making all the arrangements.

The location of the cars is great.  (was there to help deliver Rob Landers 
65 Fitch Sprint last week)

I know I will visit again soon.   The Vettes were surprisingly interesting 
too.  Had some very unique Corvettes there and very nice displays.  Also 
have a Hall of Fame room and info which includes Bill Mitchell, Ed Cole, 
John Fitch, and Don Yenko to name a few who have both Corvette and Corvair 

tim mahler

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> Today we started putting the Corvairs in the Corvette Museum.  Photos 
> attached.

> Greg Scarboro and his crew have done an OUTSTANDING job in both organizing 
> this event and in setting up ancillary displays, etc. I strongly encourage 
> ALL CORSA members and other Corvair or Corvette enthusiasts to make the 
> effort to visit this display and tour the museum. If this venture is 
> successful it may open new doors for future Corvair museum displays as 
> well as raise interest in the Corvair hobby.  Please let us show the 
> Corvette world the strength and dedication of the Corvair world by 
> bringing in large numbers of new visitors.

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