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Amen on  being a dealer mechanic. Along with the Communique, in today's mail
I got a  used shop/chassis manual I ordered off Amazon. With soaring hopes, 
opened  it up to carbs, hoping for nuggets on fixing my flooding situation. 
got  lost inside of two sentences. Going to hope my Corvairs for  Dummies
(basics) manual arrives soon.
Jay (At Least The Gas is Thinning  the Oil on the Garage Floor) Pitchford

Are you aware of my carb book, HOW TO IDENTIFY AND REBUILD CORVAIR  
ROCHESTER CARBS?Available from major vendors and me at $20+$4s&h. check or  MO. No 
paypal, sorry
Bob Helt 
3016 Pearl Harbor Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89117

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