<VV> Tire Pressures for 15" Tires - and Other Sizes

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>> Can you explain why a Corvair is best at 32/40 when a Porsche, which is a
>> much better road racing machine, specifies 17/25 ???

Since when is specified 17/25 much different than specified 15/26?  
Remember, apples to apples ...    "best", with modern tires isn't much 
different either, ala what works for you, your car, and your tires.

Corvair spec from 1961 Shop Manual, Specifications 12-2 -- 15/26 is 
cold, 18/30 hot, 6.50  x 13-4 ply tubeless

fyi, FC's are spec'd at 24 psi, all four

Bill Strickland

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