<VV> My Corvair 50th Anniversary Odyssey (humor)

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  One of West Virginia's most famous foods is the ramp, or wild leek, 
  a wild onion similar to a scallion that is much beloved in the area, even though the 
  flavor is so potent that the garlicky scent will linger on a person for days after 
  consuming them...


  missed the ramp...eh?  :))

  Tony I. 

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> Uh-oh, they done screwed up a free meal!
> 8-)
> On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 8:48 PM, Rick Norris <ricknorris at suddenlink.net>wrote:
>> Dang!
>> You guys came within  1.5 miles of the house here and I didn't even hear a
>> horn honk as you passed by Exit 39!
>> Weeda even fed ya!
>> Rick

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