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Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Oct 3 10:28:42 EDT 2009

At 07:35 PM 10/2/2009, Ray Rodriguez III wrote:
>If the vehicle was never "totaled" by an insurance company you should be
>able to get a clear title on it.  Unfortunately I cant remember the name
>right now (ill try to get it), but there is a company on the internet that
>will get you a title (legally) for a vehicle you dont have a title for for
>under $200, and without jumping through hoops.

As you noted below, it's International Title Services


They specialize in vehicles 25 years old or more but they'll work 
with younger ones too.

The car MUST be free and clear, no liens or warrants on that 
particular VIN.   They WILL check.  If there's something illegal 
about the car they WILL report it.  Do some homework before you apply 
through them for a title... run the VIN through your local police for 
wants and warrants first.   (saves you a LOT of hassle and money if 
something's not on the up and up)

Again, they check these things out and if there's a problem you get 
no refund... and will likely get a call from the cops.

However, they also WILL get you a valid title for a legit car without 
one, or rather a certificate of vehicle ownership that's valid 
anywhere.   This includes vehicles that are branded with a salvage title.

>The company is located in a state


>with lenient rules regarding this...  you
>technically sell them the car, they register it in that state, then sell it
>back to you with a transferrable registration that you can take to your DMV
>in your state and turn in for a title....
>I know it sounds too good to be true, but my vehicle notary told me about
>it.... her husband uses it for motorcycles he restores, and I used it for
>one of my corvairs...  went off without a hitch...  it was great.
>I'll see if I can get the name of the company again from my notary next
>week, need to see her anyway.
>http://www.its-titles.com/  this might be it,

Yep, and they're the best at what they do.   What's more, it doesn't 
require a visual inspection by a state/commonwealth DMV rep nor do 
they require registered letters sent to places you know do not exist 
anymore or to people long since dead etc.   It's straight forward, no 
additional paperwork for you, they do all the legwork.

You will need a valid bill of sale signed and dated, and 
notarized.   Shouldn't be a problem for any legitimate 
transaction.   Their fees are in line with what it would cost you on 
your best day of chasing down a local title for anything, and they do 
it without you having to leave the house.   Takes a couple to 3 
weeks.   I think it's about 200 bucks for most older cars, more for 
specialty marques like exotics such as Porsche or Jag or Mercedes or 
Astin-Martin etc.


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