<VV> Corvairs in Corvette Museum photos

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Sat Oct 3 10:51:09 EDT 2009

Here is a link to the few photos I took while at the Corvette Museum.
Unfortunately there were only 5 of the 12 Corvairs in the museum during the
few hours I was able to spend there, but the photos should at least give you
an idea of the display setup.  I am also attaching a file showing the floor
plan layout of the display.


I took some photos of the Corvette museum - mostly the Hall of Fame (I
called it the "Rotunda") but only 2 of the museum displays - just too hard
to get good shots and didn't have enough time.  It is a VERY impressive
museum, however, and best appreciated in person (hint, hint).  For those of
you unable to make it, however, here is a link to several standard photos of
the facility: http://tinyurl.com/yc44zsd and here is a link to the NCM web
site Media Gallery: http://tinyurl.com/yc44zsd


I am looking forward to a promised article and photos of the completed
display in a future Communique.





Bill Hubbell


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