<VV> My Cape May Adventure

peter koehler pkoehler01 at atlanticbb.net
Sun Oct 4 17:38:33 EDT 2009

Having just returned to my Slippery Rock home, I want to 
thank the NJACE club for a great Corvair Weekend in Cape 
May, New Jersey. NJACE President, Bob Marlow and Event 
Chairman Ron Peles did a very commendable job of honoring 
our Favorite car on it's very special day. The activities 
even included an unveiling of the "new" 1960 Corvair to 
the applause of the gathered masses. Well, really it was 
just the Corvair club members, but we did enlist the 
assistance of the Hotel's Restaurant Hostess to act as 
"Vana White" for the unveiling in the Hotel parking lot. 
She was a real trouper!

I'm sure others will add their thoughts and impressions of 
the event. A really neat idea was the "Show in the Park" 
on Saturday. We parked our Corvairs in a park in the 
center of the city near a pedestrian mall. The general 
public had a great opportunity to see Corvairs up close.

I was asked to bring a 1960 Corvair to this event to act 
as the "new" car for the unveiling activity the evening of 
the 2nd. Since my best "new" 1960 was garaged in Detroit 
it only took four separate days to transport the car to 
Cape May on my trailer. I did get to "drive" the car off 
the trailer and into position for the show, but that was a 
distance of only a few hundred feet. I did get to drive to 
the car show the next day and that may have added a few 
miles to the odometer. I think since we finished the car I 
have only driven it maybe ten miles past the 31k it had 
when I bought it earlier this year.

So, my story is that I only drove a Corvair 100 feet on 
the 50th Anniversary. But, it was a 16 hour towing 
experience to get it there. And another 16 hours to get it 
back home. The things we do for our hobby... - Caveman 

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