<VV> Racing and Corvair History

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Mon Oct 5 08:32:16 EDT 2009

Wish I could say I won something but, my race season is over too. As we all 
know it takes money to do this and since I'm still drawing unemployment I 
can't justify unneccessary expenditures no matter how badly I want to. This 
is not a complaint.
I have had the greatest year of my life playing with Corvairs. I have done 
things this season I only dreamed of especially way back when ALL I had were 
Obvisouly the Mitty was the highlight. Being there with all my Corvair 
friends, participating in Corvair Racing History and running with the 
legends of Corvair Racing was something I never thought I would ever do.
I am a very blessed and fortunate person. I look forward to next year with 
great anticipation of doing it all over again.
Congrats to Norm, Warren, David and all the others who have furthered 
Corvair racing history.

Rick Norris
#36 Sunoco Corvair

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