<VV> Roll Call? What did you drive?

Sweet, Bill Bill_Sweet at alliedtelesis.com
Mon Oct 5 14:32:28 EDT 2009

Friday, I drove my Blue 66 Monza Convetible along with 4 other Silicon Valley Corsa members in the Santa Clara, Ca. Wilcox High School afternoon Homecoming Parade, with the Queen and King candidates riding high on the back. We toured the residential area and stopped for a pep ralley at one of the grade schools. 
After the parade was over, four of our members proceeded to Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose to join up with the Silicon Valley Corsa Corvair display.
At 6:30PM we returned to Wilcox High school to Parade the King and gueen and their court around the field to drop them off at the 50 yard line for a red carpet presentation to the Fans.

Bill Sweet
Silicon Valley Corsa President for 2009
bill_sweet at alliedtelesis.com

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