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Tue Oct 6 10:34:48 EDT 2009

<I have compiled what I have seen so far on VV into an Excel file  >
Gee, I didn't realize that this assignment was mandatory.  Please  excuse 
my tardy submission.
I drove my red/red '63 Monza coupe safely and without incident to and from  
The New Jersey Association of Corvair Enthusiasts' (in cooperation with  
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic CORSA Chapters) week-end long 50th anniversary  
celebration in Cape May, NJ for a total of 240 miles.  I had a wonderful  time. 
 It was my first visit to Cape May and the town lived up to, and  exceeded, 
all that I had been told about it.  The hotel was great and I had  a room 
with a balcony overlooking the ocean.  Despite inclement forecasts,  the rain 
mercifully passed through overnight while most of the Corvairs were in  
covered parking and the Saturday car show in a downtown park came off without a 
 hitch under sunny skies.  Sunday's self-guided driving tour, ending up at  
Cape May Lighthouse, was likewise perfect.  I made memories that will last  
me a lifetime (or at least until I get Alzheimer's!).  Kudos to all  
involved in the planning (Ron and Gloria Peles and Bob Marlow immediately come  to 
~Bill Stanley

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