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All, not very good news. Mary Lou will call with further info and arrangements.

I spoke with Mary Lou today, 10/06, Donna Mae is having kidney failure and other issues. She is in ICU and non-responsive.

The other day, around the weekend, she ws transferred from Mercy to a recovery home. She apparently had a seizure or another stroke and was airlfited to Mercy. Doctors are very concerned she may not recover. The article below is from the region newsletter dated around 10/01. I wouldn't send flowers or cards until further notice.

Chuck Sadek

Donna Mae Mims is recovering from a stroke and has been moved to a regular room from the intensive care unit.  She is fighting pneumonia and is sleeping a lot, but is in very good spirits when awake.  She has difficulty talking, but she has complete comprehension and understanding.  After she gets her lungs cleared up and gets some strength back the plan is to have her go to speech rehabilitation.  She appears to be doing well, but I'm afraid she is in for a long trek on the journey to recovery.  She still cannot have visitors, but can receive cards and flowers if you would like to send something. 
Donna Mae Mims, Patient 
c/o UPMC Mercy Hospital 
1400 Locust Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15241 

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