<VV> 828 miles this weekend - car running lean - advice appreciated

FrankCB frankcb at aol.com
Thu Oct 8 16:35:42 EDT 2009

     Glad to learn that you were able to run the turbo Corvair on the autobahn.  I've driven on the autobahn but never in a turbo Vair.  Do you have any idea just how much boost you were getting?  16 to 20 inches of mercury (in.Hg.) could be expected at full output.  Did you see what the CHT gauge (cylinder head temp) was reading when the warning light and buzzer came on?  When that does happen, the best way of cooling off the engine is simply to slow to a moderate speed, like 50 mph (about 80 kmph) and watch the CHT drop.  Whatever you do, make sure you do NOT shut off the engine since doing so STOPS the flow of cooling oil through the overheated turbo where it can "cook" and decompose forming deposits which will eventually block the flow of oil through the turbo bearing which means the end of that turbocharger.
     Good luck!
     Frank Burkhard

In a message dated 10/05/09 09:04:33 Eastern Daylight Time, guusdehaan at me.com writes:
Most of the   
time we drove 75 mph (indicated on the GPS system) on the autobahn   
with a short burst to 94 mph to see if the turbo still works. Well it   
did and I was again surprised how much more fluent extra power is   
there when the turbo kicks in. This was nowhere it's maximum but I had   
to stop because the warning light and the buzzer came on. The fan belt   
was on so I just slowed down for a few miles and took the next exit to   
park and let it cool down a bit. After that everything was back to   

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