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Eric S. Eberhard flash at vicsmba.com
Thu Oct 8 18:19:49 EDT 2009

I have a PG that was just rebuilt and installed by California 
Corvairs, so I would think they know what they are doing ... but ...

It has two problems:

1) When you first start it (hot or cold) as long as you leave it off 
10 minutes -- it will not shift out of 1st for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile, 
and regardless of speed (including 55 mph!).  There is a whining 
sound from the rear of the car.  After that 1st shift it acts 
perfectly in all conditions, shifting up and down according to 
specs.  It never whines after that either.

2) It shifts hard -- but only on the automatic 1-2 shift.  Shifting 
manually is fine.  Automatic downshifts are smooth.    You might be 
tempted to say "modulator" -- it has had 3 and I don't think that is 
the problem.  I replaced the air hose pieces of rubber to the 
modulator.  I replaced the metal.  I took off the modulator and 
checked the valve ... pulled it out, buffed it, and took off maybe a 
thousandths.  It moves very nicely in there now.

I also checked fluid (perhaps over full a little).  All of these 
things have not even remotely affected either problem.

Any ideas (no, I don't like the one that requires me to send it back 
to CA Corvairs ... he will make good on it, but that is a 
hassle).  I  hoping someone will tell me "pull pan and change 
so-and-so clip" and then I'll be done.  Never is that easy :-(


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