<VV> Bent Push rods

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Thu Oct 8 21:56:15 EDT 2009

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kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net writes:
Everything Mike said and be glad it's only #2 cylinder.

Lets see  if analysis is right:
The lifter is pushed by the cam.
The lifter moves the push rod.
The push rod interfaces with the  rocker arm.
The rocker overcomes the valve spring  pressure.
The valve stem moves inside the valve guide.
The  valve opens in time to miss the piston.

Things that can go  wrong??

The valve hits the piston.
The valve stem binds  in the valve guide.
The rocker arm doesn't move.
The valve  spring is broken.

I has a similar incident with a 460 Lincoln. The  rocker arm cocked (nut 
came loose) and the push rod did not like it. Replaced  the rocker arm and 
stuff. Ran fine after that.

Any body else have a  clue. I'd like to know too.


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