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Fri Oct 9 12:20:42 EDT 2009

We all have our pet peeves (e.g. feeling exasperated, understandably, when  
someone fails to mention where a car for sale is locate).  My pet peeve is  
that I wish folks would explain what they are providing a link to when they 
 share a URL with us so we can decide before hand whether we want to spend 
the  time to copy and paste the link, and look at the picture or website.
For example (and not to pick on anybody) rather than saying;
<Subject: <VV> Checker...
To: _virtualvairs at corvair.org_ (mailto:virtualvairs at corvair.org) 


Why not add; "Here's a pic of a '62 Lakewood that someone has customized to 
 look like a taxi."  
I almost didn't take the time to look at the pic and, as it turned out,  
although I have almost no interest in Checker cabs, I did enjoy this  photo.
Thank you!
~Bill Stanley

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