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Eric S. Eberhard flash at vicsmba.com
Fri Oct 9 16:10:46 EDT 2009

Thanks.  The Judson supercharged sedan has a PG that works perfectly 
... I did that one myself (with help from someone that knew what they 
were doing).  The one I am having a problem with is a white 62 
Factory A/C Coupe that just came home after a two year restoration by 
Jeff's shop.  I have to take and post some pictures on my site.

I sold the Spyder and I am thinking of selling the Judson 
Supercharged sedan although I am not sure anyone would want an 
oddball like that enough to pay me what I need in order to sell 
it.  Not many want a super charged car, andThe wagon came from a guy 
named Peterson in Pasadena.

I am in Camp Verde, very near Mark.  However, I have been using an 
old local guy for years, and he has always done well for me, so I 
likely won't change.

I am going to try myself.  Many think this is a vacuum problem -- I 
am rigging an all rubber hose to replace the balancer and the run to 
the PG.  If that does not work I'll have more info.  Thanks for input.


At 07:24 PM 10/8/2009, shortle wrote:
>Hi Eric,Nice cars! What year and model is the PG in? Is it the car 
>with the supercharger? Jeff Williams is a very skilled and talented 
>Corvair guy and would certainly make good on any of his work. I 
>certainly would have no trouble recommending him based on all my 
>prior dealings with him. There are also people closer to you 
>probably. Dan in Ash Fork and Mark in Cottonwood come to mind. I 
>think there are a couple of guys in Phoenix doing Corvairs as well. 
>What part of Az. are you in? I certainly like your Monza Wagon. I 
>can't quite figure out who you bought that from in Pasadena. I used 
>to be in San Dimas and for awhile was in Corsa West but I don't 
>remember that car. As far as your problem (and you seem to want to 
>fix it yourself) I would probably start with the basics. Throttle 
>valve adjustment? Band adjustment? Is your vacuum modulator tube 
>clear and both hose connections good? Do you have a pressure gauge 
>available? Finally, do you have literature on this car? Will you be 
>in Palm Springs this month? I wish you the best and hope you can 
>resolve it fairly painlessly. Let me know.
>Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
>Just got back from Kansas (Roundup)-Getting ready for Palm Springs- 
>Both in my '63 Rampside 95HP,3.55, PG
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> >I have a PG that was just rebuilt and installed by California
> >Corvairs, so I would think they know what they are doing ... but ...
> >
> >It has two problems:
> >
> >1) When you first start it (hot or cold) as long as you leave it off
> >10 minutes -- it will not shift out of 1st for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile,
> >and regardless of speed (including 55 mph!).  There is a whining
> >sound from the rear of the car.  After that 1st shift it acts
> >perfectly in all conditions, shifting up and down according to
> >specs.  It never whines after that either.
> >
> >2) It shifts hard -- but only on the automatic 1-2 shift.  Shifting
> >manually is fine.  Automatic downshifts are smooth.    You might be
> >tempted to say "modulator" -- it has had 3 and I don't think that is
> >the problem.  I replaced the air hose pieces of rubber to the
> >modulator.  I replaced the metal.  I took off the modulator and
> >checked the valve ... pulled it out, buffed it, and took off maybe a
> >thousandths.  It moves very nicely in there now.
> >
> >I also checked fluid (perhaps over full a little).  All of these
> >things have not even remotely affected either problem.
> >
> >Any ideas (no, I don't like the one that requires me to send it back
> >to CA Corvairs ... he will make good on it, but that is a
> >hassle).  I  hoping someone will tell me "pull pan and change
> >so-and-so clip" and then I'll be done.  Never is that easy :-(
> >
> >Eric
> >
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