<VV> anyone have excerpts from the NHTSA report exonerating thecorvair?

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  I believe it's $60 dollars...(CD or print on demand) & $40.00 for Microfiche...


  it's an inexpensive way to convince a colleague...
  then again, it's a different saga with relatives ;-)

  Tony I. 

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> My father (who owned an auto shop in the 60's) still refuses to believe me that the claims made about early Corvair's rolling over were false.  He's one of those people who believes the early (60-61) Corvair's will spontaneously flip over while parked =P.  I was wondering if anyone had anything really convincing I could show him...  I was tempted to buy the full 134 page NHTSA report but apparently it's rather costly.  
> Odds are he will still refuse to believe it, but I'd like to try!!  I'd really like some technical details on the tests and results etc. as I've already told him the NHTSA cleared the Corvair, but he won't accept it, he seems to just think I'm repeating biased "Corvair enthusiast" propaganda, or perhaps that GM paid off the NHTSA... i dunno.  
> Yeah, yeah, I should probably just let it go, you know how those old folks can be *duck and run*  (ggg).

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