<VV> GM's Corvair keys; Was: Fiction or...

Wrsssatty at aol.com Wrsssatty at aol.com
Mon Oct 12 15:28:39 EDT 2009

<I seem to remember that GM keys had "Briggs and Stratton" on them,  >
While we're on the subject, wasn't the script on the key for the early  
Corvair different than on other GM keys since there was only one key for every  
lock on the car?  If I recall correctly, I believe there were two  lines of 
writing on the key appearing concentrically that appeared  separately on 
other GM cars, one line being on the door/ignition key and the  other on the 
glove box/trunk key of non-Corvairs.  These were combined on  the one Corvair 
key for the early models.  Am I right?
~Bill Stanley

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