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Hi one  and all
> I know that chev used and reused many parts for many  diferent models.  I 
> have a question about late model bucket  seats, do they fit any other 
> chevs, like Chevy II or Chevelle, or  even some Pontiacs or are they a 
> of product for Corvairs  only?

The bolt pattern from the adjuster rails to the floor may be different on  
various GM models. The pattern that is likely to be the same is the pattern 
from  the rails up to the seat bottom. If you flip over a late "bucket" 
seat, you will  see the 4-bolt pattern with the rails bolted to the pan of the 
seat. The rails  had to be special to each model to allow the seat to be 
properly placed on  various contoured floor pans, That is how you can swap a 
seat from drivers side  to passenger side - (okay, there are a few trim 
differences as well) and the  seat will still fit, as long as you re-use the rails. 
In 1966 almost all of the  GM buckets - except the Corvair went to narrower 
patterns, Corvairs made the  jump in 1967. 

Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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